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How can I do the Payment ?

Make your payment directly into our bank account. Please write your Order ID as the payment reference and your email. Your order won’t be completed until the funds have cleared in our account and verified your real details.
After you have paid, Send an email to [email protected] with the below document along with the scanned/clear photo of bank deposit slip.

Download the Document Form.You must fill and send this.

Click the below image to see the pay slip.

For Bank deposits (in Sri Lanka) rates are as below.
(This only applies to local banks deposits).

Silver Membership (30 Days) Rs: 2000.00
Bronze Membership (3 Months) Rs: 3500.00
Premium Membership (Life time) Rs: 6000.00

After check and verify your details, you order will be completed and account will be upgraded to the ordered membership package.
If you have any questions contact us.


How to use online matrimonial websites carefully and effectively ?

Put all your TRUE information in the profile:

All the matrimonial websites will require your information to put in their website. You can happily give all your information if the website is popular and trusted like Exclusive Matrimony.

A photo will describe your real identity. Photo will increase the chances of marriage proposals for you by 5-10 times. Choose your best recent photo to put in the website. Your photo should be taken by the professional photographer in a photo studio.

Dressing sense is also important for your photo as everyone from the other party will see your photo if they are interested in your profile including parents of girl or boy.

Be friendly carefully:
When you are about to meet someone, you should know about them. You can chat with them online about family and professional life, personnel life and anything that you want to know about them.

Before you meet them personally, have complete information about them. You should also let your family members aware of that you are about to meet the person.

Control Yourself:
It is time to have control on yourself now. If you have found the person the true match for you, you need to give your relationship some time to be matured. Regular meetings and calls will make it for you. Try to know your partner deeply. Know his/her emotions and take care of it. Don’t be over confidence and do not try to show off.

There are many reasons of breakup of relationships. You need to know about them and try it to be not happened to your relationship. Once you have decided to fall in love with your partner, you also try to make him/her fall in love with you. You can put some actions to do that in your relationship.

After you have reached at the serious state of relationship, its time to get married. Marriage should be arranged only. You might have told everything about your relationship to your family members so they will be also eager to make you married with your favorite partner. When you have found the perfect life partner for you, you can happily get married. Happy married life!!


How do I trust this web site ?

We’ve had hundreds of marriages across many borders. See it yourself, check the site and meet the real people.

Unlike other websites our objective is marriage. Our website is not for fun loving people and NOT for the people who are looking for casual dates and quick hook-ups.

We have never and we will never allow this website to be misused and abuse our members. We guarantee your experience with us is more rewarding and more safer than any other matrimonial website


How can I get the Featured Badge?

To display the featured badge for your profile you have to upgrade your membership into Bronze or Premium Life time Membership. Then you can see the featured badge and always your profile will be visible at the top of the search result and home page slider.

Click here to read about membership package details.